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We have delicious dining locations right on campus. From Libby Alvis Dining Hall, to national brands, to local favorites, we've got it all. Right now, when you purchase a block meal plan or add flex dollars to your account, you'll receive a coupon for a free cookie at Subway This deal ends May 8th, so take advantage of it now!

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Interested in having a convenient job on campus in a people oriented environment? Apply for a position with us today! Simply print out the following links(Background Form, Criminal History Form, Drug Test Form, Federal W-4Conditional Applicant Health Form, Paper Application, Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability, Voluntary Self-Identify)fill out the forms, and drop the packet off at our office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, along with a list of your hours of availability.

Want to launch your career? Whatever your major, our Student Internship Program and/or our Accelerate to Leadership Program is right for you! Get an edge in the job market and gain real job training to help build your career, all while earning good money. Visit our site for more information and apply today for an opportunity to make the most of your semester!

Full-Time Employment Graduating? Looking to get your career started with a world leader in managed services? We have full time positions all over the country - find one that suits you. Visit our site today! Please see the 8 links attached with this email for a printable version of the application.

Nutrition Matters
Concord Dining wants to support you in any way it can! If your goal is health and wellness, you can download the My Fitness Pal app and/or our CampusDish App. These apps will help guide you toward your nutrition choices. The Dining Hall Real Food on Campus menus visible on the CampusDish App and the website provide nutritional information for many menu items when you click on the item name. The Dining Hall also features a special Kiosk with even more nutritional information and tips to stay healthy.
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Flex Dollars are part of all three Residential Meal Plans. Many Commuters, Faculty, and Staff also purchase Flex Dollars to put on their accounts and use just like cash. Visit the Dining Services Office to put any amount of money you choose into the account, which you then use at any dining location on campus – your ID card works like a debit card. Only a Flex Account offers the easiest and most flexible way to pay for your campus food purchases. It’s safe – no need to carry cash on campus, cheap - when you pay with Flex Dollars you don't pay tax, and easy – access the account through your ID card – just scan and go! Anyone, regardless of which meal plan they do or do not have, may purchase Flex Dollars for their account.
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